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Everything you need in a POS System

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Inative POS, the program that allows you to manage your company easily and intuitively without having to make a big money outlay.

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We are a new company based in Orihuela Costa, Alicante. With more than 5 years of experience. We are happy to introduce our own Point of Sale program designed and based on the needs of consumers. Our goal is to deliver a program that can handle all types of workloads and make the process as easy and fast as possible, which means that you can spend more time wherever it is needed. We’ve also created a tablet app to maximize sales.

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Inative POS

Simplicity and quality at your fingertips

Connects to a Windows OS Tablet

You just need a valid license and a tablet with Windows 7 operating system or newer with a resolution of 1024×768 to use Inative POS Mobile


Sales Screen

  • Configuration by user: all the functions of sale are configurable by user. There are many different functions to customize a user profile based on the user’s permissions
  • Graphical display: the articles are displayed graphically by screen, grouped by families. For the selection of an article, just mark the section and then the article in question.
  • Images: You can associate images with items on the sales screen to identify them more easily.
  • Favorites: Bestsellers, even if they are from different sections, can be grouped into a special section of ‘Favorites’, accessible directly from the sale screen.
  • Screens of tables: the screens of rooms and tables are configurable by the user in the same way as in the restaurant. In addition, the status of the same is displayed graphically on the screen, which can be free, occupied, subtotal, etc.
  • Sales on Hold: You can leave a sale on hold by table, by waiter or by customer, to be able to attend another table or sale.
  • Modifiers: to detail the preparation or accompaniment of the dishes, modifiers can be associated with the articles (little done, very done, with potatoes, without salt, etc.)
  • Formats: it contemplates the sale of articles in different formats (shot, combined, glass with ice, etc.) being able to associate a different price for each format.
  • Combined: Inative POS allows you to create combined items made up of two items related to a ‘combo’ format quickly (whiskey with coke, vodka with lemonade, etc.)
  • Invitations: with the option of invitations can be assigned price 0 to one, several or all the lines of a ticket.
  • Kitchen printing: customer orders can be printed on different printers depending on the item ordered. A meal is printed on the grill or kitchen printer, while a drink is printed by the bar printer.

Employee presence control

  • Inative POS includes control of presence of employees, being able to register the entrance and exit of the same by passwords, bracelets or waiter cards with magnetic strip.
  • Also, the program allows a biometric reader to be connected to identify the employees by fingerprint, thus avoiding tricks or deceptions on the part of them, since with the fingerprint it is not possible to register an employee without being present in the establishment.

Totalizing a sale

  • Ticket printing: Normally, a ticket is printed on the totalization of a sale. However, you can also finalize a sale as an invoice by associating a customer.
  • Various forms of payment: In the totalization screen, the user must select the form of payment. If the amount delivered by the customer is higher than the total of the sale, the amount to be returned as change is displayed on the screen. It is also possible to assign to a sale several forms of payment. For example, one part in cash and the rest with card.
  • Charge with card: can be charged by bank card by connecting to the date from the same terminal. When the charge of a sale is made with a credit or debit card, the reading is done from the Front without the need to use another device. The bank statement always fits with the cashier closing, since if a card is wrong the Point of Sale forces to select another form of payment.
  • Printing of subtotal: You can print a subtotal to present it to the table before finally totaling the sale and indicate the form of payment.

Cash statistics and closures

  • Before displaying the box, the user must declare all the cash for each of the coins used, detailing the number of banknotes and coins of each value.
  • Once the cash declaration is finished, the cashier closing (also called Z) is printed. The cash closure shows the cash balance (the difference between the calculation made by the program and the amount declared by the user).
  • Extensive statistics: Inative POS also presents an extensive collection of reports to control and analyze all movements produced in the restaurant.

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